IAMU at World’s Fair in Dubai

CAMPUS GERMANY - the motto of the German Pavilion at World's Fair 2020 in Dubai from October 2021 to March 2022. It was a place of knowledge, research, exchange and encounter. Here, people could actively participate and experience themselves as part of a large community committed to a sustainable future.

The exhibition rooms - called “labs” - attracted the attention of the visitors with large room productions and presented innovations and solutions for a more sustainable future.

The German Pavilion became an intelligent exhibition that responded individually to its visitors. IAMU made that possible! Films and media presentations started automatically in the right language, visitors were introduced to each other, and exhibits displayed information, that was tailored to the interests of the respective visitors. IAMU provided guests with a novel and surprising visitor experience: they moved through an intelligent pavilion that interacted live with them. At the end of the exhibition, all visitors met in an oversized multimedia room equipped with many swings. The visitors were greeted by name on the large surrounding screens at that moment they took a seat on a swing. By swinging together into the future, a film started, which was superimposed with many IAMU evaluations.

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