Our Vision 

We live in the age of digitalization. Access to information has never been so easy - and yet so confusing due to the mass of data generated today. The digital overload reinforces people's need to create spaces in which they can reflect on the analog experience of culture.

Above all, the museum plays an important role as a place for inspiration, exchange, knowledge transfer and contemplation. More than ever, it has become one of the most important reference points for people to orient themselves in contemporary society. Our goal is to support and strengthen cultural sites in this regard.

With IAMU, we want to consolidate the museum as a third place and at the same time make the exhibition visit even more lively, immersive and individual through our intelligent guide system. Inclusion and the promotion of cultural participation through IAMU are a matter of course for us. We know how important it is as an institution to promote and represent diversity and acceptance of different ways of life.

Teaching multidimensional perspectives on knowledge of the past, the present and ideas of the future becomes sustainable with IAMU. Independent thinking and self-directed learning become possible, entertaining and can be designed interactively.

We want a sustainable future for museums. In our vision of this future, the exhibition offers people an analog space that interacts with them, inspires them, and invites them to interact with each other. That's why IAMU puts the analog space experience at the center of the personalized visitor experience.

With IAMU, we want to make cultural spaces fit for the future.

Our Offer

IAMU is a digital tool for experience-oriented knowledge transfer, consisting of various modular building blocks that can be customized to the respective exhibition concept.

Together with you, we develop an integral mediation concept that will redefine the relationship between your exhibition spaces and the visitors.

Together, we analyze your current needs and, of course, always keep the needs of your visitors in mind. Based on your curatorial or conceptual goals, we work with you to develop a digital strategy for the personalized delivery of digital content of any kind in your spaces. From multilingual exhibition content to personalized storytelling, everything is possible with IAMU.

Whether you want to rethink the entire showroom or give the existing exhibition a new coat of paint - we will show you modularly applicable technical solutions tailored to your needs.

You want to get to know IAMU? Arrange an appointment with us.

We would also be happy to meet you in person.


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We want to make cultural spaces fit for the future.
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